Christmas Dumpling Decorations

We are so excited to have teamed up with the super talented Big Mama Moon Badge Co. to bring you these super cute and colourful handmade Dumpling Decorations.

Each dumpling is formed with organic clay and painted by hand (in the colours of our logo) so is truly unique. They are a brilliant colourful addition to a Christmas tree and are the perfect gift for a Dumpling Lover.

They can be bought on their own wrapped in black tissue paper OR presented in a Gift Box. 

Each Gift Box also comes with a mini bamboo steamer, which can be used as a decoration or for individually steaming dumplings at home - so it's practical too!  We can add a little personalised gift tag too, so we have covered everything for your recipient.

These can be shipped UK wide or delivered to you with your Cook at Home Dumpling Bags.