It all began in a city in the southern Chinese province of Guangxi called Yulin.  We (Nat and Dan) were living there for 2.5 years teaching English.  The city was abundant with absolutely incredible delicacies, but by far Nat’s favourite was the dumpling.  So much so, that her students gave her the Chinese name, ‘jiaozi’ (the Mandarin word for ‘dumpling’).

Back home on the Isle of Wight, we couldn't find dumplings that satisfied our cravings, so we began to make them ourselves based on what we learnt from our students and friends in China, and a few dumpling making courses we attended. We originally stuck to the traditional pork, chive and water-chestnut filling.  Then one night after a few beers, it dawned on us how versatile the dumpling is, and pretty much ANYTHING (so long as it tastes good) can be made into a perfectly formed little pastry parcel! 

Fast forward 4 years and we have made over 100,000 dumplings by hand, created over 70 original fillings, traded at 50+ events, catered privately for weddings, birthdays and corporate events.  In April 2019 we were invited to be part of the South Coast's first indoor food court Outside-In Food Court in Portsmouth.

In recognition of our achievements, we were awarded the much coveted Hampshire Street Food Awards' top prize of Best Street Food in Hampshire.  We couldn't be happier and prouder of our Dumpling Dumpling Team and look forward to defending our title in 2020.

During the recent lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic we continue to spread the dumplings love around the Isle of Wight and on the Mainland (SO & PO postodes for the moment) through our deliveries of our Cook at Home Dumpling Bags throughout the week and Hot Food Deliveries on Saturdays.

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Mr and Mrs Dumpling