Cook at Home Dumpling Bags
Pick n Mix your dumplings for delivery to your door
Easy to cook
Steam, pan-fry, deep-fry, boil and serve with your family's favourite dishes
We have created over 100 different dumpling fillings
inspired by dishes from around the world
Winner of "Best Street Food in Hampshire 2019"

The Pick n Mix Dumpling Shop

We deliver to all Isle of Wight addresses on Thursdays and all Hampshire addresses on Fridays       (if you would like delivery on a specific date, please send us a message)

Join dumpling fans in the South (UK) and Pick n Mix your very own selection from the fillings below. Just click "ADD TO CART" and adjust the quantity to have as many dumplings as you like (minimum 12 dumplings) or choose a Dumpling Chef's Selection Bag!

They last between 3-6 months in the freezer and can be cooked straight from frozen whenever and however you want (cooking instructions supplied and found below).

Turn your Pick n Mix Dumpling bag into a feast by selecting some of our delicious add-ons.

You will get a text message the day before delivery to confirm your delivery time slot, which can be rearranged if necessary.

Dumpling Cooking Instructions